Quality Spirits From The Mystic Mountains of Colorado

Nestled among the buttes at 7,500 feet of Larkspur, Colorado are the gentle slopes of Mystic Mountain – the culmination and dream of a master distiller. Each recipe reflects the skill, passion and dedication only a chosen few distillers attain.

The creation of our unique blends started with a custom, hand-made still. Once in place, our master distiller began perfecting his old family recipes for moonshine, whiskey, vodka and others.

It’s been said that dragons defend the riches of king’s past. Mystic Mountain’s dragon symbolizes our dedication to old-world flavor and tradition, as well as fascination with medieval folklore. The dragon epitomizes strength and honor, and Mystic Mountain products live up that legacy.

When asked, “Where is Mystic Mountain?” we reply that it is not so much a place, but a ‘State of Mind’.

Experience old world taste…come to Mystic Mountain.